Church part II

Multimedia message

I went iPod shopping with Andy and Craig last night. We were running late so Andy couldn’t drop me off before church so I went along for the ride. It just reaffirmed my non-getting of the whole religion thing. I mean, if you get something out of it I’m not mocking it or anything, but all that repetition and chanting screams of “say this enough times and you’ll believe it.” Beautiful church though. I was hoping they’d be more cute daddy-types like the last time, but there were no other men there. Granted, there was only like, 4 other people there besides myself, Andy and the priest. Ah well, I mean.. church probably isn’t the best place to cruise anyway. At least, not in Metairie.

Stuffed like a turkey

Gobble gobble.

Holy copious amounts of food, batman! 1

Cheryll, Andy, Miss. Pat, Craig and I went to the Chatau Sonesta for Thanksgiving brunch today and honestly, I have never been in so much food induced pain in my life. I started it off with a sensible salad and grilled veggies. I saw Andy was eating and recommending the Eggs Pontchartrain so I got that on my next trip as a side dish to a plate of broiled shrimp, pecan crusted salmon and small tastes of cornbread stuffing and mashed potatoes (to see if I wanted to go back for more.)

I rested, walked around for a bit and returned to the table with a plate of two big slices of turkey, prime rib, and a coupling of heaping mounds of cornbread stuffing and mashed potatoes.

I went back for a waffle with a side of French toast trimmed with pecans, strawberries and syrup. I re-visted the bar for more turkey, prime rib, cornbread stuffing and mashed potatoes before scavenging at the chocolate fountain where I speared amd smothered many pieces of poundcake, kiwi and strawberries; eating some there and bringing a few pieces back with my mint/chocolate/hazelnut mousse and bread pudding with white chocolate rum sauce.

Holy shit.

After I exploded, Andy and Craig scraped the bits of me off the walls, put them in a box and brought them to my apartment where they slept, reformed and woke up a half hour after they were supposed to be at work.

1There’s so many lists of foods that I ate in this post, I’m not even going to try to fix the inevitably glaring comma splices so y’all will just have to deal with them.

… and I didn’t turn into a pillar of salt

Last night I was talking to Andy and he mentioned that he was going to a friend’s church this morning. I said that sounded interesting, him visiting a friend’s church, and he invited me to join them. Out of curiosity I decided to go along.

OK, and it was an excuse to spend time with him.

Now, a few years ago this would have garnished the same reaction from me as asking if I would like to go to a meeting of the flat earth society. I now find of great intrest most things spiritual and religious, if for no other reason than one shouldn’t not believe in what one doesn’t learn about.

So, Andy, his friends Cheryl and Craig and myself went to sunday mass at Trinity Episcopal Church. It was interesting and I, dispite being an openly gay atheist, didn’t burst into flames, get struck by lightning or turn into a pillar of salt.

I thought I was looking pretty sharp in my blue shirt and blue rep tie and andy was cute as always in a white shirt.

My favorite part of the service was, as was the last time I went, the part where everyone shakes hands and says “peace be with you” like they really mean it.

I found the mood set by the organ during the pseudo cannibalistic blood ritual communion was quite ominous and foreboding. I still would like to visit Andy’s church just so I can see/hear him lead the choir in greek orthodox chanting. Never heard it in person and I’m actually pretty curious what goes on.

The sermon was about the definition of the Kingdom of God. Mustard seeds, baptismed humans, etc. It was interesting to listen to, but it conjured memories of my youth, sitting in Mrs. Cook’s classroom wanting to ask questions and express my disagreement with the dogma – but being afraid that I’d just wind up getting kicked out of class again.

I’m glad I went though.