And now we bring you, the iHeadache

My twitterstream is full of my friend’s bitching about all the problems they’re having activating their shiny new iPhones 3Gs. I have to admit there is a small, evil, envious part of me that is glad their nerdvana has been delayed a few hours. The truth be told, I’d love to get my grubby paws on an the new iPhone — but I’m going the route of getting the First generation model off of craigslist for cheap. I figure by next week we’ll be able to pick up a ton of 8GB iPhones for about $200 then, 15 minutes later it’ll be jailbroken and sitting next to my SideKick LX and my Daxian x999+ that I got last week.

Take Another Little Piece of My… Cell Phone?

Craigslist, missed connections:
Fri 13th,U fr Mississippi very drunk U followed me on ColumbiaST (of course he did)

You live on Hobart st. i know your name but dont want to say it. I was excited you followed me even though you were super drunk. You asked me to come home and snuggle with you so i did……unfortunately when we arrived your boyfriend was there and you failed to mention to me that you had one, poor me. I’m sorry i couldnt help you when your bf got angry and did what he did to you, i wish i could have, i never saw anything like that happen before and it freaked me out. You probably shouldn’t have brought me home and it would not have happened, i don’t know, but never the less i felt really sorry for you and felt helpless and dissappointed. I think your a really beautiful guy and would love if you see this and get in touch with me. Me , well i am a tall mixed race exotic sexy fool visiting from Los Angeles to refresh you with wild crazy hair. By the way i was still standing outside when your bf came back out and smashed your cell phone on the sidewalk….i think i have a piece of it, hehe…i’d love to give it to you sometime…I hope your well man and i hope to hear from you. This is a first for me posting an ad on CL….if anyone knows this southern boy on the 1700 block of Hobart please tell him to read this and email me….I believe his name started with a G i wont say the rest. Peace my friend……

Another reply to my craigslist.

no pics. i am 6′, 215lbs, blnd, blu, not in shape. my looks are average.

Wow. ..and I thought I had issues.

I’ve gotten a few other replies. Mostly guys that are 55+ and aren’t really my type. I’ve had a few guys write to say how funny I am but then don’t include any information about themselves. When I reply and ask for more about them, they don’t write back.

Finally framed my photos (alliteration is fun!)Did I mention he called? Woo! Not making anything more out of it than that though.

Holy shit, this is turning into a tacky LiveJournal blog, I’m such a dork.

Regarding news that doesn’t involve my non-existent romantic life… I finally finished framing my photos – and it only took a year and a half to get mattes for them!

Reply to my Craigslist ad

Billy Gibbons: NO

“Looked at your foto’s and I think if you had a stache or go-tee it would help you, because of the loss of your hair ontop, it would help your overall looks.”

I happen to like my thinning hair, douchebag. Anyway, since I’m a glutton for punishment I posted another one.

Neither hide nor hair from what’s his name. I broke down and called him last night and left a message. I tried calling on Monday but it ‘wasn’t accepting messages’ then. We’ll see what happens. Hurt me once shame on you, hurt me twice shame on me. Ah well.

*** edit 6/2/07 ***
He called me today, everything is cool. I’m just antsy cause of what happened last time. Don’t mind me.

Craigslist M4M Personal Ads


There’s a certain offensive naive charm to the ads posted on Craigslist. Most are so over the top, sexually, that one wonders how serious the person who posted the ad could possibly be. Current titles include such enticing phrases as ‘PUMP & DUMP’, ‘PHONE or CABLE guys…need relief ?’ and ‘MADE TO BE POUNDED’. Then there’s ones like this, entitled ‘looking service the less fortunate‘ which makes me believe that the person had to have set it up using his ex’s e-mail account:

My favorite line is ‘could be the ugliest mother fucker alive on earth’.

How romantic.

My friend Brian put it best. “Who would reply to that? It’d be like turning when someone said ‘retard’ in grade school.”

In case you’re wondering, Of course I posted an ad*.

* Caution: If seeing the words ‘spread anus’ and ‘fist pig’ (used non-sexually of course) in a post knowingly created by me offends you, you may want avoid that link.