Mardi Gras Updates

Hey there everyone. I haven’t been posting much lately. Really, not much has been going on of real interest. I’m kinda getting into stencilling, after being inspired by Mags‘ excellent EVILDOER t-shirts. Working on a 3 color design now from a picture of Dan Benjamin, of The Hivelogic Narative. I’ve never met him or talked to him, but hopefully he wont mind. :) It’s not even like some obsessed creepy pervy thing. I just like the picture. :) I’m not going to sell it or make t-shirts or anything.

Other than that, it’s been the same ol same ol. I’m trying to not turn this into a blog of myself whining about how boy A is so cool and has a kitten or about how cute and funny Boy-B is. I really hate those blogs and don’t want to become them. :)

I am going to the Hermes parade tonight that Boy-B is in. He’s dreeeamy. :) OMG. I hope he doesn’t read this.