Boy Cured of Autism Through Prayer

8 year old boy dead, but no longer Autistic!

I guess prayer really does work.

“He would [have to] consciously be aware that what he was doing had a great likelihood of causing death. We did not feel we could prove it,” McCann said.

This 160 pound Minister would sit on the chest of an 8 year autistic child for up to 2 hours at a time. While praying. Every night. For THREE WEEKS.

Three women – including Terrance’s mother, Patricia Cooper – sat on the boy’s arms and legs while Hemphill tried to remove the “evil spirits” from him, said Hemphill’s brother, David Hemphill, the pastor of the church where the service took place.

… [Minister] Ray Hemphill decided to devote his entire vacation from his job as a janitor to “getting that spirit out of” the boy.”

What a bunch of fucking nimrods.