Updates: Nolagay – Mardi Gras – Reel Identities


After noticing that I’ve been posting a lot of obligatory-gayness lately, I’ve decided to reinvent nolagay.com as a lgbt news blog. So there ya go. I managed to import all of my old news articles from the Postnuke days last year! heheh

I just posted some pictures from Mardi Gras Day in the gallery. There would have been more but gina lost my digital camera for two days.

Finally and most exciting, is that tonight is the first night of Reel Identities: The New Orleans LGBT Film Festival! I hope as many people as possible decide to see at least one or two films. We have some really good stuff in it, and we’ve all worked real hard this year.

Halloween Festivities

I just got back from the Mermaid Lounge, my favorite club to see local music. Tonight was their annual “Masked Band Ball” where local bands dress up as other bands. Tonight was Pantapon Rose as The Swans, Krapp as Jesus & Mary Chain, Glorybee as 2 Live Crew, White Bitch as Public Enemy, Pink Floyd was performed by Shatner, & members of Paradise Vendors, Mal, Supercarters, and more as Led Zeppelin.

As usual, I forgot I had my digital camera with me until it was all half over – but I wasn’t into The Swans or Jesus and Mary Chain anyway – except for that one song J&MC did: Sometimes Always.


What an amazing performance. :) I couldn’t believe I actually remember lyrics to the songs Pop That Pussy and Face Down, Ass Up. Glorybee is such a fun group.. I can’t wait to see them as themselves.


Anyone who is into Public Enemy understands that Chuck D is THE MAN. White Bitch did an amazing job keeping up with the hard rhymer, although it’s kind of funny once you realise that half the crowd chanting “FIGHT THE POWER” are middle class white kids from Tulane.


I love Marshall for two reason. Well, for more than two reasons, but two of them is because he’s the only guy I know that I like when he’s drunk. He slurs a lot, but he’s still able to point out that Shatner appeared to concentrate on pre-72 Pink Floyd. That’s the other reason.


‘Nuff said.

And for those of you that care:

That’s all I have since Debbie poopied out on us and wanted to leave. Why do I always wind up riding with people who never seem to want to stay to the end? Oh well, no big deal – must.. drive.. myself…

Vincent: 4 : : Wal-Mart: 0

Mission successful.

I shouldn’t admit this part, but before I returned the camera I realised that there was nothing wrong with the camera itself. When I dropped it on the floor, it must have gotten thrown into macro mode by accident. The camera was focusing one inch from the lens, and not on the subjects I was trying to capture, so of course the pictures would be blurry. Then again, the little “macro” light was not lit, so I guess it broke in the fall. Regardless, I returned the camera and got a brand spanking new one in it’s place. I may just see how many times I can do this. Will I have bad exchange-karma? Like I’ll return a defective TV one day and they’ll be like, “I’m sorry sir, we show in our records that you returned a $40 digital camera 73 times from 2002 to 2004. That exceeds our lifetime returns limit.”

Be on the look out for some pictures of Lydia – who is finally making herself at home. I’ve actually seen her running around the house during the DAY; sunlight and and everything.

Between two jobs and school, I just want to go home and collapse after I get home from the Hospital, but I have to do homework or read or something so I can get out the door in time to make it to class. Whine whine whine.