Breakfast of Champions

I’m sitting at my desk eating a Dolly Madison Cherry Sweet Roll and drinking a Diet Coke when Juliean walks in:

Juliean: Why are you eating a Cherry Roll and drinking a Diet Coke?
Me: Ummm… (I can’t answer with mouth full of Cherry Roll)
Juliean: Don’t they cancel each other out?
Me: Well, I don’t drink Diet Coke because I’m on a Diet
Juliean: Is it a taste thing?
Me: No, not really. I think it’s the amount of Nutrisweet. It’s an addiction.
Juliean: So you can’t drink regular coke now?
Me: I can, but only when I’m eating. After you drink diet coke, the regular stuff tastes like you’re drinking syrup.
Juliean: (Looks at Cherry Roll)
Me: (Looks at Cherry Roll)
Juliean: Isn’t that like eating syrup?