Hmm, good post on usenet…

I saw this post on today, and thought I should share.

> I can not believe that users of a forum such as this
> one would actually think that they should have broken up microsoft. If
> you went to the store and bought a package of hot dogs, and the
> company also had a baking division and for every package of hot dogs
> that you purchased, they gave you a bag of hot dog buns, would you sue
> to have that baking division split from the parent company?

If we were to apply your moronic analogy to the hot dog business, it would look more like this…

Microsoft would produce 90% of the world’s hot dogs, which could only be cooked on Microsoft grills, served with Microsoft buns, and seasoned with Microsoft Ketshup and Mustard. Competing products could only be purchased in expensive little gourmet stores, or by standing in line at a free soup kitchen.
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