Scooter News

Finally. My host‘s SQL database has been screwed since Friday afternoon, so I haven’t been able to post anything since then, not that that much has been going on. This weekend is my 29th birthday. One more year to go until I’m the big 3-0. Kinda freaky when I think how fast life has gone by sometimes.

I really really want a scooter. I’m thinking about either the Stella or the Yamaha Vino Classic. My only problem with the Yamaha is I don’t know if it’ll handle my 200#+ ass. The max load is 165#, but I’ve seen reports of people as heavy as 300# riding them with no problems. Members in this Yamaha Vino Club recomended that I upgrade the back tires for the higher weight. The Stella is bitchin though, but at $2,699 I’ll have a hard time financing it with my god awful credit. I think this is what they meant when they said “You’ll regret it when you can’t finance anything.” Now I do. I need to get these two credit cards off my record. I think they’re like, $800 total. I’m thinking about asking Alberto or my mom to lend me the money to pay the collection agencies, then I can pay them back with direct deposit so I wont screw that up as well.

Gina is trying to talk me out of the whole scooter thing. She says it’s a mistake and that I’ll regret it the first time it rains.
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