Blog for America

Presidential candidate, Howard Dean, has quite an impressive blog called Blog for America. His platform seems pretty solid and I like his stance on foreign policy and women’s rights. He’s pretty Democrat-as-usual in his economic plan, but being the former governor of Vermont, he’s very pro LGBT. Quite frankly, the current administration scares me, and I’m willing to vote democrat to derail our current midnight train to a theocracy. It’s very obvious that Bush regards Lesbian and Gays as second class citizens, and is actively working to outright deny same sex couples the same rights and benefits that hetero-couples enjoy. Imagine that — in the home of the free, an entire group of people are watching their chances for equality taken away from them. Ironically, it appears the current administration believes that some are more equal than others.

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GIF vs “JIF”

I’m so glad I came across this tonight. For all of my friends that turn all psycho whenever I pronounce .GIF like “Jif”: The GIF Pronounciation Page.

You can all stick it in your ear. In a giffy.

On a related note, the patent for GIF files expired last friday. Finally. I remember a huge stink being made a few years ago when Unisys forced a lot of graphics software authors to pay up, or drop support for creating GIFs.

Could this be the end of PNGs?

On a completely unrelated note, I came across Re_Invigorate // Data Archiving Services last week. They provide a a free excellent service for those of us looking for good site statistics. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, Browsers, Platforms, Resolutions, Referrers Traffic Monitor and a handy-dandy Site Analyzer that checks your links to make sure they’re still valid! Coolness.

good bye sweetie

Pig Pen: Goodbye sweetie.
Death sucks. I know it’s inevitable but damnit, Pig Pen was three and a half weeks old. She didn’t even have a chance to play with a fucking toy.

Yesterday I took a break at work to write a quick post to update you on alll the cute things Piggy was doing. The way she’d walk with the new-kitten-legs over to you, crawl up your pants leg into your lap and dig her oversixed kitty head into whatever crevis she could find. Or how she’d muster up every fiber in her being in an attempt to bat a kitty toy three times her size- pushing herself to the ground in the process. Or the way she look up at me with those big blue eyes while I was sitting on the toilet in the morning. Or how she’d curl up in our laps or under a stack of sofa pillows for an hour or so, sound asleep. I never posted it because I didn’t get around to finishing it. I left it in a text file on my desk top, the icon sitting just below the picture of her I was using as my wallpaper. The same picture I replaced with the first graphic I saw when I got in this morning – some random GIF from the Yahoo! Mail website. I just couldn’t look at her looking at me like that. I had to leave work because, as I walked through the halls of the hospital, the sqeaking of opening and closing doors all sounded like her, crying from the bathroom while I prepared her food. I know we did the best we could, I guess I’m going through one of those the grief stages. Could I have done more? The vet said her temperature was 99.6 (normal is 104 I think.) Should I have left the ceiling heater on last night? I turned it on for minute, thinking she may be a little cold, but turned it off after it starting to stink. Something told me, even though it wasn’t cold in the room or anything, to turn it on. This is going to be hard, me thinks. The vet said it was the infection, it wasn’t the room, and that we did more than most people would have done… Sometimes love just isn’t enough I guess.

I just hope whoever left Piggy in that parking lot reads this one day.

Life isn’t disposable.

I’m going to curl up in bed with Plato and cry now.