Paging Major Hottie Healy

So Scott and I are talking tonight about random TV shows we watched as kids and somewhere along the line I Dream of Jeannie comes into play:

ohdogyousleuth: I wanted to bone Larry Hagman.
nolageek: oh yeah?
nolageek: I liked Bill Daily
ohdogyousleuth: more from I Dream of Jeannie than Dallas
nolageek: yeah, me too.
ohdogyousleuth: was that his friend?
nolageek: yeah
ohdogyousleuth: the guy from newhart?
nolageek: I like the nerdy ones.

I love you Vincent.  I love you too Bill.

I hate the Gimp. I can’t make proper stalker photo paste-ups without photoshop.

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NEWSFLASH: American Taliban is a Nerd

I had heard John Walker Lindh, AKA the “American Taliban”, had been a frequent poster to USENET newsgroups, but I recently found out that you can Google Search, an email address he used, and read a brief segment of his transformation from white rapper wannabe to white muslim extremist. Watch him try to sell off his comic books and video games to buy audio equipment, critique 13 year old rappers and place ‘wanted to buy’ ads for Malcolm X speeches.

Look for the posts marked as being written “by”

This guy has archived them in chronological order.

I don’t know what a TalkBox is, or how it works, but I know what it sounds like and I want one. If it has pieces that fit inside your mouth, I don’t care. I can find a way of cleaning it. I want a TalkBox. Sell me one. Thank you.

John Lindh

Orrin Hatch’s Web Site Once Linked To Porn

The girls of “Big Naturals” will be missing the hits generated from Senator Orrin Hatch‘s “Explore Utah” page on his Official Site.

It appears he wised up and removed the “* button, you can still see it in Google’s Cache* though. Ha.

The Right Wing News article‘s title also mentions something about Hatch’s site using Pirated Software, but I didn’t see any information about this in the article text.

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