Ouch Oochie Zowwie

Ok. It’s time to do something about this. It’s past time. I’m almost 29 and I still haven’t had my wisdom teeth taken out. Now my jaw is throbbing, my gums are bleeding and my face is slightly swollen. Unfortunately, I called this morning to see if I can add dental to my insurance plan and I can’t be added next April. Maybe I can can hold up a liquor store or something to cover the cost w/out insurance. ($1000+)

When should wisdom teeth be removed?
The following symptoms may indicate that the wisdom teeth have erupted and surfaced, and should be removed before they become impacted-meaning, the teeth have surfaced and have no room in the mouth to grow. However, each individual may experience symptoms differently. Symptoms may include:

  • pain
  • infection in the mouth
  • facial swelling
  • swelling of the gumline in the back of the mouth

Many oral health specialists will recommend removal of the wisdom teeth, (when the roots are approximately formed, or three-fourths developed, usually in the adolescent years),as early removal will help to eliminate problems, such as an impacted tooth that destroys the second molar. Third molar impaction is the most prevalent medical developmental disorder.

What problems are often associated with impacted third molars?

  • bacteria and plaque build-up
  • cysts development (a fluid- filled sac)
  • tumor development
  • infection
    jaw and gum disease

What is involved in the extraction procedure?
Wisdom tooth extraction involves accessing the tooth through the soft and hard tissue, gently detaching the connective tissue between the tooth and the bone and removing the tooth.

Pictures of Stairs

I was walking around the CBD during lunch with my camera, taking pictures of whatever scenes struck me as interesting. I’m sure most of them will be crap, but I hope there’s a few in there that will stand the test of time. Well, time in the sense of the 5 days or so until I develop them. I can hear myself now, “Damn, why the hell did I take a picture of a dumpster?”

Because it was interesting at the time. That’s the fun of it for me anyway.

I discovered that a person with a camera, taking pictures of an empty staircase FREAKS PEOPLE OUT. They just don’t know how to process that information.

Freaked Out Passer-By 1: What happened here?
Me: Nothing, I’m just taking a picture.
FOP-B1: Did someone fall or something?
Me: No, I just think it’s interesting looking.
Freaked Out Passer-By 2: Is it for an insurance company?
Me: Nope.
Freaked Out Passer-By 3: You’re just taking a picture of the stairs?
Me: Yeah, it’ll be like art or something.
FOP-B1: Can I walk through?
Me: Sure.
FOP-B1 and FOP-B2: (walking up the edge of the stairs like there was molten lava running down the center)
FOP-B1: We’re not in your way?
Me: It’s ok, I want you in the way.
FOP-B2: But wont that ruin the picture of the stairs.
Me: No, it’ll break up the repetitive horizontal lines of the stairs.
FOP-B1 and FOP-B3: ?!

At this point I was tired of dealing with them so I left. I’ll post them if they’re not crap.