James C. Arey – Running for Mayor of New Orleans in 2006

James C. AreyJames Arey, morning host on 89.9 WWNO has decided to run for Mayor in 2006. His campaign will be based on Support for the Arts. I wish I had more to say about him, really, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard him on the air. We usually catch Morning Edition as we’re getting dressed for work, and by the time Arey comes on I’m in the office without a radio. I would like to see him in office though, since he’s a five-time Jeopardy champion – how cool is that? That’s so much cooler than having Jerry Springer as your Senator.

I can’t wait to see James in a debate and be all “I’ll take Education Reformation for 600, Alex.”

Plus, his slogan is Arey. 2006. Fabulous. so you know he’s a queen with a sense of humor. :)

I joke, but I really like the idea of an intelligent man in office who cares about the arts, New Orleans and it’s musical and cultural heritage instead of yet another politician interested in just another notch in his belt on his way to higher office. He’s also kinda cute in that shirt and tie.

You can get a bumper sticker by sending a donation to:

Arey. 2006. Fabulous.
4429 Iberville
New Orleans, LA 70119

Mine’s on it’s way.

James, need a website?