The House is Alive With The Pitter Patter of Tiny Paws

Ok, so maybe not. The good news is we have a new kitty up in the hizhouse. She’s possibly even Plato’s long lost sister. If not from the same litter, she’s definately from the same ghetto cat that popped Plato out 6 months ago. (Kasey said something about catching ghetto kitty and having her fixed altered so this doesn’t happen again.)

She’s all black and, here’s the bad news, terribly scared. If you’re not actually holding her she’s hiding in some dark corner of the house somewhere. For instance, we found her trapped behind the stove when we got home from work today.

I think she’ll be ok once she realises she’s in a good home. Of course, Plato isn’t making it easy for her to realise that when he constantly bops her on the head as he walks by.

Bad Plato. :)

So we’re trying to figure out what to name her. We both like Lucy – but my friend Brian has a dog named Lucy, and that just seems kind of weird to do. I mean, if we both had pets named Lucy before we met it’d be all cutesy and stuff.. match made in heaven and all.. but to name her that after the fact just seems like I couldn’t think of anything better.

So we’re trying to think of names.

She’s all black and depressed so I’m trying to think of names she reminds me of. I’m leaning towards Wednesday. I think it’s kinda cool in a post-Addam’s Family Movie kinda way.

I’m checking out the Goth Cat Name Generator for some ideas: Nicotina, Vivesection, Decay, Willow, Lucy-Fur (ha!), AlliCat, Muffuletta (??), Entropy, Chaos, I Spit on Your Grave (huh?)

Yeah.. kinda stupid… I mean, Vivesection is a boy’s name!