The door to my gateOK, I’m not a hater or anything, so yay! the Saints beat the Eagles and are advancing to some KFC Championship for the first time EVAR but jumpin Jesus on a pogo stick straight people are going CRAZY outside my office. Canal street looks like Mardi Gras and there’s cops sirening, cars honking, straights WHO DATTIN and gays clutching their pearls all over the place. Don’t get me wrong.. Yes I’m glad the Saints won. Yes. I know you’re drunk. Now calm down and stop yelling in my face while I’m trying to get to work. bah.

Oh, there are going to be some napkins thrown tonight.

Saw two films tonight.

I went to see Jeremy’s films tonight at One Eyed Jacks in the quarter. I thought both were pretty good. You could definately see that his editing has improved in the second one, Hexing a Hurricane… a documentary about Katrina and it’s effects on th city as a whole. It was sincere without pandering to the hysterical anti-FEMA crowd. (Of which, I am one.)

The first, Don’t Worry Honey, I Live Here: How Local’s Celebrate Mardi Gras is just that… a look at the other side of Mardi Gras… beyond the breasts and the drinking. Ok, maybe not beyond the drinking.

Again, I didn’t really get to talk to him or anything… he was constantly moving around from one person to another.. each one of my hellos were replied to with “Hi, I gotta go.” Oh well. Jeremy if you read this, I enjoyed them. If anyone is reading this… buy them.

Updates: Nolagay – Mardi Gras – Reel Identities


After noticing that I’ve been posting a lot of obligatory-gayness lately, I’ve decided to reinvent nolagay.com as a lgbt news blog. So there ya go. I managed to import all of my old news articles from the Postnuke days last year! heheh

I just posted some pictures from Mardi Gras Day in the gallery. There would have been more but gina lost my digital camera for two days.

Finally and most exciting, is that tonight is the first night of Reel Identities: The New Orleans LGBT Film Festival! I hope as many people as possible decide to see at least one or two films. We have some really good stuff in it, and we’ve all worked real hard this year.