Well, I’ve been home for a couple of days now, and boy am I glad to be here. :) I didn’ want to jinx the flight by talking about them, so since I’m safe I can talk about them. :) They went ok.. Pretty bumpy, freaky ride into and out of Minneapolis both times… but it was worth it to see the giant Bose vending machine where you could buy a home stereo as easy as buying a can of pop. (I said “pop!”)

On the camera front: I got a cool Argus C3 35mm and a Polaroid 250 from Dan’s friend Leslee. I can’t wait to run a roll through them and see how they work. :) Thanks Leslee!

I also took a bunhc of pictures using Dan’s father’s half frame,Olympus Pen but I’m having problems finding someone to print them. :( I think Lakeside Camera will, but I’m not sure the person on the phone understood what I meant by half frame. :)

I’m in Montana.

So far it’s like Twin Peaks meets 7th Heaven — but in a good way. Dan’s family have been great to me since we got here. Dan’s dad is hillarious… always telling jokes and stories. Kind of like my mom’s husband except without the overwhelming feeling that you’re somehow being manipulated.

We were supposed to get a Chevy Cavalier from the rental place, but it wasn’t clean yet or something so we ended up getting a Toyota Corolla with a CD player! I can’t wait to cruise around Montana as the only carload of fags listening to Public Enemy. :)

We laid over in Minneapolis for about two hours. I was really scared that I was going to have to bludgeon the first person that spoke to me in that fucking accent but the only one I heard from from some indian girl (dot not feather) at A&W so I let it slide just because it was such a bizzare mixure of sounds coming from her mouth. Did I mention that all the fast food places here are staffed with curteous, polite, completely non-ethnic people? Kind of culture shock to hear “Welcome to McDonalds, may I have your order?” instead of “Welco’ to McDon’l’s, Mav’yoda?”

We just stuffed ourselves at the Continental Breakfast at our Super 8 motel. Mmmm. Not sure what’s going on today.. I think I’m hanging out with the in-laws and then going to spend time with Dan’s cousin Noni – whom I met yesterday and seemed extremely cool. I’m typing this quickly so it’s probably riddled with errors. Oh well. :) I’ll fix it later. I’ll try to post a bit more later tonight.