Return of the Ugly Truth BBS

Many props to Rachelle for sending me this old BBS.LOG file. In case you were unaware of it, before the internet there were hundreds of BBS systems that people could call and post messages, upload files that others could then read, reply to and download (messages and files, respectively.) These BBS reached a certain level of subculture all to their own. I had many friends that I only knew via posts on various boards. I met some of them at BBS Gatherings… but mostly I knew them by their posts and by their Aliases: Steveo, Fuckhead, Gunner, Cerridwen, Snaker, Big Dog, Taint, Trader john, Firestorm, Mr. Hoohah, Towelhead, Jezebel, J. Homes, Riff Raff, Shinobi, Raccoon, Ducky, Circuit… Here’s hoping some of them happen upon the site via googling one of them. If you do.. Dead Air says hello. :)

And now, the BBS.LOG. If you don’t understand what any of this means, or if you don’t think any of it’s funny – you’re not supposed to. You had to be there.


Ugly Truth…….
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New Years Ideas

Does anyone have any ideas for something to do for New Years Eve? The only requirements I have are as follows:

  1. entertaining (live music prefered)
  2. cheap
  3. alcohol must be served

That’s really about it. I have the following in mind so far, but nothing is really striking me as particularly interesting:

  • Rebirth Brass Band @ Maple Leaf
  • Mike West @ Margaritaville
  • “New Year’s Extravaganza” @ Mermaid

Damnit, I just saw that the Klezmer AllStars played at Mermaid tonight. Crap.