whitehouse.gov’s open door policy. Even for spiders.

While doing research on robot.txt files, which sit on a web site and tell visiting search engine spiders what pages and directories to skip when they index your pages, I found this article at codeulate.com regarding the new whitehouse.gov robot.txt file.

Two days ago, under the Bush administration, the file listed over 2400 directories that were not searchable on whitehouse.gov. Paranoid much?

Under Obama, one.


User-agent: *
Disallow: /includes/

My “type” has become obvious to those around me

I know that I have had a fairly obvious “type” for quite some time, but lately a few friends, for no practical reason, have sent me photos and videos of people they randomly find online and are all “Hey, I thought you’d think this guy was hot.”

It’s a bit freakish but I guess in the long run it’s a good thing that a ‘type’ has been established (although they don’t seem to be able to set me up with any of these people in real life.)

The latest example had Alberto sending me a link to a video on barnesandnoble.com and whadiyaknow: he’s got glasses, a receding hairline, and a sweater vest.

Someone please check my card, I think we have a bingo..

Apparently now he’s also an author and a book cover designer or some shit like that. I have limited information on him as I have yet to watch the video with the sound turned on.

Wow, the last few posts have made me out to be a totally desperate, nerd obsessed, pervert, photoshopping stalker2.

Hmmm. Let’s just keep this between us, eh?

I promise my next post will be on how bored I am with the whole Clinton/Obama thing (does Hillary’s delusional sense of entitlement irritate anyone else?) or California’s recent Gay Marriage Ban reversal:

hypocritical zealots: 0
pole-smoking nancy-boys and truck-driving rug munchers:1)

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