Well, I’ve been home for a couple of days now, and boy am I glad to be here. :) I didn’ want to jinx the flight by talking about them, so since I’m safe I can talk about them. :) They went ok.. Pretty bumpy, freaky ride into and out of Minneapolis both times… but it was worth it to see the giant Bose vending machine where you could buy a home stereo as easy as buying a can of pop. (I said “pop!”)

On the camera front: I got a cool Argus C3 35mm and a Polaroid 250 from Dan’s friend Leslee. I can’t wait to run a roll through them and see how they work. :) Thanks Leslee!

I also took a bunhc of pictures using Dan’s father’s half frame,Olympus Pen but I’m having problems finding someone to print them. :( I think Lakeside Camera will, but I’m not sure the person on the phone understood what I meant by half frame. :)