OMGWTFBBQ?! Britney did WHAT?

Damnit. Why doesn’t anyone tell me when these things happen?

Britney’s done shaved her head!
The bitch is cray-zee.Why Britney?  Why?

Party in the back, Paris!

On February 15, 2007, after weeks of publicity surrounding late-night partying, indecent exposure and drug and alcohol use, Spears entered an offshore drug rehab facility, but stayed only one night. The next night Britney was seen crying and drinking Nyquil outside a closed Sherman Oaks hair salon. When the salon owner arrived to let her in, she shaved her head with clippers. Photos of a bald Britney quickly circulated on the Internet. After leaving the salon, Spears visited a tattoo parlor and got multiple tattoos, of which one was a pair of pink and red lips. Trying to explain her new hairstyle, Spears said “I don’t want anyone touching me. I’m tired of everybody touching me.”

I’m a wanna-be geek

It is becoming more and more obvious that I am not as big of a geek as I thought. Besides STILL be incapible to get a linux machine to connect to the internet using my cable modem, it wasn’t until I picked up the Summer issue of 2600 that I am aware of the seriously cool Blinkenlights Project.

Chaos Computer Club in germany put lamps in all the windows of this building, then connected them to a computer. Geeks all around the world could then create little movies and show them on the side of the building.

Arcade is the brand new light installation of Project Blinkenlights. Following up on the original Blinkenlights installation in Berlin, Arcade marks a new step in interactive light installations in public space.

In the context of the Nuit Blanche art festival in Paris, the team transforms the Tower T2 of the Biblioth?que nationale de France into a huge computer screen. With a matrix of 20 x 26 windows (resulting in 520 directly addressable pixels) and a size of 3370m2, the Arcade installation is positioned to be world’s biggest computer screen ever.

I can’t believe I’m just hearing about this.

“>The one last year had more windows/pixels and was able to play simple video games via CELL PHONES on the building from across the world.

Where do I return my card?