I Am Vincent’s Seductively Fluttering Eyelashes

Last night I went to Lafitte’s to replace a laptop keyboard for one of the bartenders and then went to the Pub afterwards to see who was out. There was a really cute man sitting in the corner of the bar, by himself, drinking a beer, obviously waiting for someone to talk to him. He was maybe late 30s/early 40’s and wore a very light yellow dress shirt, light purple/yellow/brown striped tie tugged a little loose from his neck and a brown pinstripe suit vest.

He was quite possibly the hottest man in the world.

I walked over and stood next to him at the bar and in a bold move that is fairly rare for me when I’m sober I say “do I know you? You look really familiar.” (Cheesy as hell, but it’s the best opening line ever. Really.)

He looks up at me and in a British accent that could fry an egg he says “I don’t think so, I’ve only been in New Orleans since this afternoon.”

His name was Andrew and he’s an actor and playwright originally from England but now living in New Zealand. He’s “on holiday¹” for the month, visiting the U.S. by train. He’s gone to San Francisco, L.A., Seattle, and now New Orleans. He left this morning for Chicago, then New York and leaves for home from Miami next weekend.

After we talked for a while,I released him back into the wild. He kept telling me he was staying in a “hotel not far from here” and “just across canal street” so I’m pretty sure he was fishing for me to go with him. Damn weeknight! The thought of either a) walking back from canal st to St. Ann to get my bike at 3am or b) waking up at 6am to walk to my bike, pedal home, get dressed and make it to back to work for 8am was just too much trouble.

Andrew, is this you?So I came home and did some e-stalking. I’m aproximately 91.8% certain this is him. The voice recording sounds like him and it looks like him, only slightly more flawless and airbrushed. Click the picture for his bio at aucklandactors.co.nz

Andrew, is this you?

So, instead of staying the night with my fantasy come true, I rode my bike home at 1am and had a fast food bag of garbage thrown at me from the window of a passing car. I was the victim of a post-katrina drive by trashing.

¹ Jesus, that’s hot.

Gay couples queue to wed in San Francisco as Bush weighs in against them

I hate to keep harping on this, but: Gay couples queue to wed in San Francisco as Bush weighs in against them

Instead of another rant, I’ll pull a quote from the article:

Hong Kong-born graphic designer Michael Choi, who married his girlfriend Ida Sun in city hall as scores of gay and lesbian couples took the same vows around them, said he thought gay marriages were a sign of American freedom.

“It’s no problem for us, the only problem is it means that there are just too many people trying to get married at the same time,” he said.

“My parents are very traditional Chinese and were kind of shocked because they had never seen gay people before. But America is a country of freedom, so this is great,” he told AFP.

San Francisco’s Gay Weddings Continue

Read the article on Yahoo! News

As of noon Monday, 1,740 same-sex couples had been married since Thursday, she said. Teng said the city would continue issuing marriage licenses on Tuesday “unless told otherwise by the city attorney.”

I don’t really have anything to add to the story. I am very happy that SF’s Mayor Newsom had the guts to do something on this level. Even if the marriages are forcibly anulled after a few days, it certainly lets us know that some people in power are on our side and that is a good feeling. Thank you.


Sometime last year I got into a conversation with someone (Dan?) about the difference between a geek and nerd. This post on smilezone.com reminded me of that conversation… These are the points he made (also the same ones I made last year!):

Nerds are:

  • Generally socially inept
  • Usually not fit and not good at sports
  • Lacking in interest in and/or awareness of in popular culture
  • Extremely focused on and often very talented in academics
  • Not very well respected outside of nerd circles nowadays

Geeks are:

  • Fascinated by technology, but often in how it connects people and organizations
  • Intellectual but not at the expense of being able to make smalltalk
  • Generally comfortable with machines AND people
  • Often fascinated by science and technology, but not necessarily ‘experts’
  • Typically engaged in popular culture, but feeling more passionate about ‘alternative’ entertainment (e.g., “They Might Be Giants,” “Monty Python,” etc.
  • Often figuring out how to tie technology in with useful and or social endeavors (e.g., using a Palm Pilot to look up a restaurant review)
  • Probably seen as “the norm” in many places, including various cities (San Francisco) and demographics (Ivy League colleges).

Good list, but I’m sure there’s more, can you think of any? Personally, I think ‘geek’ is more of a compliment than nerd. No one wants to actually be a nerd, no matter how many 80’s movies show them getting laid. :)

That being said, I’ve been thinking about putting my BBS back on line, but I don’t think it’ll get much activity. Are people still into BBSes? Are there any still up in the New Orleans area? Does anyone still have modems in the computer? (Can you tell I’ve had a broadband connection for a few years?)

All We are Saying… is give puke a chance

I wish I could have been in the room during the brainstorming session that led to San Francisco protesters stage a ‘vomit in’.

Protester #1: Ok people. Big march on Thursday.. lets come up with some non-violent acts of civil disobedience.
Protester #2: Hmmm. We could link arms through piping and stand in the street, shut down most of the financial district and piss off thousands of people.
Protester #1: No, Stacey’s group is already doing that. Come on people. Think! Think!
Protester #3: How about a Pimple-Pop In?
Protester #1: That’s good! But no. It doesn’t express how outraged we are by this war.
Protester #4: How about a poop-in?
Protester #1: Now you’re talking! But does that really properly illustrate how disgusted we are by the actions of our government?
Protester #5: Umm.. Pap Smear In?
Random Protesters: Scab Pick In! Mucus In! Toe Cheese In! Eye Booger In!
Protester #1: No people! We need something that will let the world know this war makes us sick. Sick to our very stomachs! Sick to… Sick? Sick!
All Protesters: Ah Ha! Sick!