Can you hear me now?

The Verizon Guy can’t hear you now, so stop asking. He has a brain tumor that is close to his right ear:

Ironically, the tumor has put pressure on his auditory nerve and he is now unable to hear the reply when he asks “Can you hear me now?” Only a flashing light on the side of the cell phone lets him know a connection has been made and he can move a step to the left. From: bbspot.

Ok, so that was a joke. But anyway… the point of this post is to bring to light an observation I have just made while looking at cell phone deals. My name is Vincent and I am inexplicably attracted to Cellular Spokesmen. I’m adding the dad from the new Sprint Commercials to my list of Famous People I Can Boink With Permission From My Boyfriend.


You hear that? That’s our rights being flushed down the toilet.

Verizon Must Reveal Internet Song Swapper.

The sad thing is, the record companies could stop the majority of piracy by marketing artists more responsibly and pricing CDs accordingly. Until a CD that sells 10,000,000 copies isn’t priced the same as one that sells 10,000 – and isn’t marked up 6000% by the time I can purchase it, I’ll be a-downloading. Thankyouverymuch.