Old VW Documents

eBay item 2190729042 (Ends Sep-14-03 22:45:00 PDT) – Volkswagen Foundation Document 1938 VW KDF

Ok, so I’m looking at e-Bay today during lunch for old VW things. I come across a few items that I think are interesting. Both are very early 40’sor late 30’s VW items. Wow, for $30 I could own a piece of history. BUT… They both have big ol (or little ol’, it doesn’t seem to matter) nazi swasticas on them.

On one hand, this disgusts me, but like a rubbernecker at an accident it makes me even more compelled to place a bid. Why are we attracted to things that offend us? Is it just me? If I did bid on something like this, and win it, would I even show it people? “Hi there, isn’t our apartment fabulous, oh let me show you my Nazi Germany Road Atlas.”

It makes me wonder if there are jews out there that collect this sort of thing. It wouldn’t surprise me in the leat. I saw a special (maybe an old HBO Real Sex) that talked about fetish that many gay men have that involve Nazi uniforms. Weird.

Sunday Night

Wow. It’s amazing the way time can fly by when you’re on vacation. The past four days have passed so fast, I can barely concieve how I did so much. Thursday me and Dan just chilled out around the house and stressed a little because our rent checks havn’t cleared so we’re thinkging we may have to pay like, a $300 late fee by the time pay day rolls around again. Friday I brought a tackle box back to Wal-Mart that I had bought to organize my computer cable situation. It was missing all of the little dividers that I needed to keep my screws in their rightful cubical within the lid. After getting the $18 from the Customer Harrassment Service desk I did what any broke person in my situation would have done: I went shopping at thrift stores. Two hours and $4.50 later I have two ties that I’ll never wear (but they look cool) and a $3 suit that doesn’t fit. (The pants fit, but the jacket is waaaaay too small)

I was bored and it killed time, so it’s all good.

Saturday we went to the film fest Jury where we watched entries in the animation and “experimental” category. Most were pretty horrible.

Today, we went to the film jury again and now we’re waiting for Julie to pick us up so we can help with her project for film class. I think she wants us to be in the movie. Oh wait, there she is.

I’ll fill you in on the exciting details when I return.

PS: Anyone want to trade a pre-72 Volkswagen beetle for my 1992 Honda CRX?