Doing Some Housecleaning

I'm a zit, get it!Not really. I’m actually going through the folders on my web server, deleting a bunch of files from sites that i no longer operate and I’m coming across some weird, random images.

Like this one of me in high school with “The Haircut” and a mouth full of food.

This logo I made based on the Volkswagen logo except using my initials. I was trying to design a logo for something, but I don’t recall what. I’ve thought about getting it as a tattoo as well, but I’m a wuss. It’s a bicycle cog, but after the fact I realized it’s a little too close to the nazi era VW logo:

Finally, this banner I made for the old Pretty spiffy if I do say so myself.

Latest Obsession: Bicycle

In case you haven’t noticed, I go through a cycle of obsessive phases. VW, Defender, Photography, BBS, and now: the Bicycle. Nothing ever really gets followed through to it’s end, but at least I learn a bit along the way which is all I’m trying to do anyway. Once I come around full circle I’ll finish the project, but it’s usually frustrating to those around me. Although, these aren’t all total flops: the BBS is up and the bicycle is built (pictures to come) so it’s not always a total flop. Money and frustration usually get in the way.

Anyway, I came across these great sites for bicycle stuff: Persons-Majestic and Sheldon Brown. I’m always amazed to google for something bike related, only to find it on Sheldon’s site. Great resource.

Beetle Update – RIP

Well, the beetle guy e-mailed be this morning and told me that his mom won’t let him drive all the down here. Gee, he could have told me this TWO MONTHS AGO.

But, I’ve moved on.

To this. Maybe. It definately looks like ass, but with a paint job and some seat covers it would definately be nicer. They have new fenders that they’re throwing in with it. The catch is, they’re asking $1500 for it. (Yeah friggin’ right!) If I can get it from them for $500 I’ll take it. I don’t see people lining up for it, so I’ll see what happens. I figure at the very worst, if I don’t do anything constructive with it after a few months I’ll sell it for whatever I bought it for. I talked to the mechanic, he said at $500-$600 it would be a good deal It’s got a new engine, a new clutch, new transmission, new carb, etc… But the guy took $800-$1000 off the cars value when he decided to paint it like that.

So what do you think? (I already know what you’re going to say, Gina!)

Beetle Update

Well, it’s Saturday, and we were supposed to make the trade yesterday and I still haven’t heard from the beetle guy. It wouldn’t bother me so much if he would CALL or write or somehow let me know what’s going on. He e-mailed me late Wednesday saying his dad is mad at him for trading the bug for a Honda, that he took the car in to be painted (after we decided not to do that) and that maybe he’ll see me this weekend. I haven’t heard from him since.

Am I asking too much when I ask for an update? This is the 4th time we’ve devided on a date, and the forth time he’s gotten all vague the day before and left me wondering if it was going to happen – only to cancel at the last minute. I was so frustrated and anoyed when I called and left a message this afternoon I ended up just hanging up on the machine. uhg.